Your experience is the very essence of the Gir Lion Resort adventure, from our innovative guiding style to a regional supper experienced under the stars.

Guests at Gir Lion Resort have a variety of options for how they choose to spend their days.

The Gir Lion Resort is ideally located in Talala, on the Gir Somnath Highway, and is close to the Gir National Park, which is the only area in the world where Asiatic Lions can be seen in their natural habitat. It’s a lovely structure in the middle of a mango orchard, with the majority of guest rooms having river views, and every effort has been made to maintain the highest possible environmental standards, such as conserving water and energy, monitoring waste disposal, and creating a natural environment for guests to enjoy their stay.

Staying at GIR LION RESORT is like immersing oneself in Gujarati culture while also enjoying the natural beauty of the state.


A new standard for the way guests interact with Indian wildlife.

The way guests interact with the wildlife at Gir Lion Resort is being rewritten.

Guests at Gir Lion Resort have a variety of options for how they choose to spend their days.

Gir Lion Resort has a prime position at the edge of the National Park inside the teak forest, providing our guests with unparalleled access to visit its wildlife on twice-daily game drives in the morning and afternoon. Head out after sunrise with a picnic breakfast and return to the lodge for lunch or head out after breakfast with a snack and return for our sumptuous high tea at the pool. To provide a more intimate experience, we have limited our game drives to four people and one child. Stopping to admire the Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher is as exciting to us as seeing a lion.


A unique opportunity to connect with wildlife on foot.

During your visit, we strongly advise you to do one of our guided Jungle Walks.

It's not often that you get to go through the jungle in India.

This unique Indian wilderness experience is made possible by the 18-square-kilometer tract that connects the lodge to Sasan Gir National Park.

Guests can witness many different types of woodland birds in this stunning teak forest, which is home to chital deer and blue bulls. Here, you may escape the city’s usual soundtrack by joining one of our expert guides and stopping to listen to the sounds of birds and the breeze through the canopy overhead.


Our lush green gardens is a love letter to the region's abundant resources.

Our specialists are committed to your health and well-being.

It's not often that you get to go through the jungle in India.

Our spa is near our gym and yoga pavilion, with views of the swimming pool and meadows. Relaxation and wellness are the focus of our steam room, cooled pool, peaceful relaxation area, and spa treatment selection.
You can relax with a relaxing massage, cleanse, or traditional Indian head massage after a long safari. If you have more energy, you can go to the gym and use ellipticals, treadmills, and bicycles, as well as weights and Pilates balls.
Take in a peaceful yoga session in the yoga pavilion, which is provided twice daily with an instructor or on your own, for some quiet time.